Video screens are exhibited in urban showcases creating new public situations. They can be called and activated via personal mobile phone dialling a chargeable phone number. The instructions and the number are displayed on the screens in standby mode. The classic commercial style of the interface looks as if this kind of exhibition system for art contemplation has been in use for years. When calling the displayed number the user gets welcomed, informed about the cost and can choose language and the pictures available - visually and by voice on the phone.

The displayed pictures remind us to famous and widely known paintings but they are video takes with actors or still lifes. Even though the medium video permits to display action and narrative the scenes are still and resemble more a painting than a movie. The takes are static and real time with no post production clipping just minor audiovisual effects.

By minimal actions over time the medium video offers unexpected and sometimes funny or embarrassing situations happening in the picture. The actors might feel physically uncomfortable or some casual minimal actions might happen.
The sounds of the video scenes are crucial and can be heard on the personal mobile phone only. They might add content, contradict with the visual or focus on communication issues. The audio heard on the phone creates a private area of contemplation since, the screen can be seen by other visitors too.

It feels as if the visitor looks through a time window into a very personal situation. There is no interaction into the narrative structure but the visitor interacts by simply holding on to the phone over time.

The system recognizes the mobile phone's audio signal which has effect on the audiovisual parameters of the scenes. By speaking into the mobile phone the visitor can add sound tracks which enrich or change the content, can alter image and sound and the own voice becomes part of the scene.
Later some calls from the scenes invade the visitor's personal space and spam messages make her/him a victim of common electronic commercial promotion strategies.