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Like in any game the players get offered different entrances and hints to reach different locations, but unlike in most computer games human biofeedback opens new horizons. Players discover connections of a social system with abstract characters and unknown objects. Scenes with more important information are more difficult to reach: they appear just after a succession of clips, with upgrading amount of content.
Each Clip (measurable item) can be followed by the next without any recognizable interruption. Fade into white accompanied by the fade out of sound represent the loss of a possible way. Starter clips are always chosen by random after a small break and have little information value. Every clip gets played only once per session and might cut off information (that can’t be reached by a cross-link) if the player drops out of a succession of clips, because of low emotional input. The structure is not regular because only up to 4 narrative understandable successions can be followed.

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