Jan Torpus, Hammerstrasse 102, 4057 Basel, CH
Tel: ++ 41 61 / 691 83 71, Mail: jan.torpus@balcab.ch
Apodal productions

Born in Switzerland (1967). From 1989-93 he studied Interior Design at the Massana-Art and Design College in Barcelona. During the following two years he worked with the architect Daniel Freixes in Barcelona in the fields of Interior Design, Lighting Design and Exhibition Design. From 1996-99 he studied Audio Visual Design at the "Schule für Gestaltung" in Basel and since 1997 he works at the Hyperstudio in Basel. Since 1998 he teaches 3D-design and video at the polytechnic in Brugg (FHAA), and since 1999 multimedia at the Art and Design College (HGK) in Basel.